Get Rid Of Spider Veins With Effective treatment

Spider veins are commonly noted in women. This is really embarrassing for women who wear short skirts or minis as this spider veins makes their leg to appear much older than they actually are. Spider vein treatment Trenton provides you effective treatment measures for this spider veins.

Extended blood vessels on the skin surface which is commonly termed as telangiectasias or a type of varicose vein is known as spider veins. This usually appears as blue or red web like closely resembling the web of the spider and hence termed as “spider vein”. This is usually seen in women’s leg when they grow older. The cause for this varicose vein is hereditary and some even attribute it to prolonged standing in regard to their job factor. During this state, the elasticity of the veins gets affected and makes the skin surface to appear with mild swelling.

There are several treatment measures available to treat spider veins. Commonly women prefer to go with the treatment for spider veins than men as they are more concerned about the looks of their legs.

Different treatment measures available for spider veins are
Laser treatment
Topical skin creams
Sclerosing therapy
Surgical removal

Rays of laser light are directed towards the affected vein and are killed. This method of treatment is done in plastic surgery centers. In this procedure the affected vein alone is treated without damaging the tissues or the veins nearby. It is advisable to undergo this method of treatment only in certified centers.

Vitamin K, theophylline, aloevera and horse chestnut are the topical creams to reduce the swelling or strengthen the affected veins. These creams have positive feedbacks and there are several other topical creams that are available to treat spider veins.

In sclerosing therapy concentrated saline solution is injected into the veins that are affected with spider vein. The solution makes the affected vein to burst and get rid of spider vein and causes minimal damage to the surrounding tissues and vein. This treatment is similar to laser treatment and advised to done only by certified or experienced physicians.
Spider vein at an advanced stage with severe pain can be treated best with surgical managements. These surgeries are done only by surgeons. Spider veins are usually noted in calf muscles, thighs and over the ankles.

Sclerotheraphy is the commonly used method of treatment for spider vein in most hospitals. In this sclerosing solution is injected into the affected vein and treated. This also helps in treating the associated symptoms of the spider veins like burning, swelling, pain and night cramps.

This method of treatment gives complete remedy after two or more sittings. Normal activity is regained after the Sclerotheraphy method of treatment which reduces swelling in veins and makes it to gain strength.

Ultrasound guided injection
Those veins that are not treated with Sclerotheraphy are treated in this ultrasound guided injection method. In this method the vein is noted with duplex ultrasound. The veins get irritated and collapse when the solution is injected.